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Without any tatoos or body piercings, except maybe for pierced ears.
Even though my friends have tattoos and body piercings, I choose to remain clean. I don't want to get something on my skin I may not want to keep when I get old.
by Stop the pendulum November 15, 2006
In the context of games in which virtual ownership of virtual items is possible, clean refers to an item which is undamaged or unused. In the context of Diablo 2 for example, it means that the item has not been socketed or personalized. (in D2, when used in conjunction with "socket" it means that the socket has not been encrusted with a gem or rune or jewel)
WTB clean socket SS
by Rakeri August 11, 2003
used as 'sent clean'
when you have no emotions, something has shocked you or made you emotionless, i am clean!
Your pet dog dies...
I am clean.
by Tricky January 05, 2004
Neo-French (see neo-france) slang for masturbation.
"Time to clean ;3"
"Yay, I can clean all day and be loud."
by Aria Mi-hyung Kang June 01, 2004
a dirty term for
1. putting your bawls in someones mouth
2. fukkin some one
3. in the poo hole
4. suckin a peen
etc etc etc
can ONLY be used by straight people talking about doing straight things.
(text messaging)
Johnny too bad: my wife is pissed. she want to clean, and im too distracted right now.

Scruffy: well dont use your mouth on me! get in there!


hey baby, now that your done with the dishes, wanna clean?
by scruffy duffy doo April 03, 2007