something nice, cool
dammn!! thats a clean shirt
by carlosjimenez October 23, 2007
To perform a stunt perfectly while involved in an extreme sport such as mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, etc.
Bro! I just totally cleaned that double! I thought I was gonna biff and splatter my brains all over the pavement!
by txfreerider January 04, 2007
To be off drugs; improve or reinvent yourself.
Neil has been clean and sober for a year now.

Annabelle has decided to get clean.

Lucy's new years resolution is to get clean.
by black-widow1640 December 29, 2011
A freshly shaven girl in her vaginaly reigon
man that chicks hot, she must be so clean
by Poisdon April 29, 2011
the state you are in when you are being drug tested
stoner 1: hey man do you wanna smoke these dank ass buds with me?
stoner 2: man, i wish i could, but im clean. my parents drug test me.
by wittyname January 16, 2010
A lift where you take a barbell off the floor and lift it to a position just above the shoulders. Often followed by the "jerk" where you then lift the barbell over your head.
Karen: "Sweetie, can you help me wash these dishes?"
Tom: "No. Grab me another beer."
Karen: "You know, it would be nice if you helped me clean once in awhile. I can't even remember the last time you cleaned anything."
Tom: "Bitch I cleaned 200 pounds at the gym last night. When's the last time you cleaned that much?"
Karen: "Well, never, but..."
Tom: "But, but, but...SHUT UP! And get me that beer, now, woman!"
by Nick D December 02, 2005
In reference to marijuana - non gritty, nice tasting, potent, clean weed. Most dealers nowadays have inferior marijuana. Most weed smokers are on a continuous search for "the cleans".
Shaggy - "Safe, wanna go halves on an 8th?"
Scooby - "I drunno shraggy, this brer got the cleans?"
Shaggy - "It's not as good as Ted's shit, but he's out of town"
by Steezy1212 August 18, 2010

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