perfect voice, perfect looks, perfect personality...perfection.
Did you hear Clay Aiken sing? That's what perfection sounds like.
by rkrox3 July 06, 2006
A gay person, he likes men. Non-attractive person. I bet he smells and he didnt win american idol because he sucks.
Clay Aiken he says hes not gay but really hes takes it up the ass
by Caitlin March 29, 2005
gay gay gay. hobbit. seriously people! claymates? wow yeah he could be a playmate. he's so womanly. i'm surprised him n simon didn't getit on, o wait they did!
Priest: I'mm sorry Clay, we don't allow gay marriages here.
Clay: But sir, I'm in love with you.
by kelly sauer April 30, 2005
The guy who didn't win American Idol simply because Ruben is black. Face it, it's the truth. Now, I'm not a fan of either of them OR the show itself, but listen to Ruben's songs and then Clay's songs and honestly try to tell me with a straight face that Ruben deserved to win. Incidentally, the black community recently accused American Idol of being "racist" and "discriminatory" despite the fact that 2 out of three winners were black. Bullshit. "Sorry for 2004"? How bout "Sorry for rigging the contest"?
If not for Affirmitive Action, Clay Aiken would have won American Idol.
by Chernorizets Hrabr February 11, 2005
Clay Aiken? How do you define him? I think he's a guy who needs to search within and find out that he's gay! I'm glad Ruben won, he was way more talented. Clay Aiken is gay, what more can I say? I take it back, I LOVE HIM! He makes me quiver like jelly. Clay Aiken is some HOT piece of ASS.
Clay Aiken is some hot piece of ass.
by Carmalicious May 11, 2005
the gay guy who dint win b/c of his gayness, tashie loves him tho b/c he found her and "attacked" her with a chainsaw, but she still loves him b/c hes gay
*see tashie* tashie loves clay aiken, that is so sad
by lexi & m March 10, 2005
THe sexiest elf alive! hes so fly, for a black guy that is ! I LOVE U CLAY
Clay Aiken is a sexxxxxxxxxxxi lil' dwarf
by Mich Aiken March 16, 2005
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