When a dude preferably black has sex with a small white dude and after butt sex the small white guy gives the black dude a bj the the black dude accidently sticks his dick into the white guys eye and there is cum all up in there it instantly turns red and puffy and slimy just like clay aikens career
dude i know jerome gave you a clay aiken last night
by puppanipple johnson July 24, 2008
Someone who displays a stalkerish action. Comes from the former American Idol singer's song invisable.
"That Guy is pulling a Clay Aiken"

"Wow stop your clay aikening it out"
by Camizzle December 20, 2004
The biggest fag in the universe

The only thing AIKEN is clays ass
Look theres Clay aiken..the fag from american idol.
by josh January 11, 2006
American pop singer, somewhere in-between all the gushing love and vitriolic insults seen in other UD definitions. Loves his mama and his dog, doesn't curse or drink in public, can take a dirty joke now and then, and wings his critics' sarcasm back at them with class and kindness.
"In church in Raleigh, the congregation used to say, 'Make sure you use your voice for the Lord.' I feel that is what I'm doing. And I will continue doing it until the Lord tells me to pipe down."
- Learning to Sing
by Rainee Sue April 21, 2005
He got second place in last year's American Idol 2. He has a great, unique voice and has gorgeous eyes.
Cindy: "Bobby, your eyes, are almost as gorgeous as those of Clay Aiken."
Bobby: *puts mascara on eyes* "Are they prettier now?"
by Anonymous March 12, 2004
"An Honest to God Bonefied 'Where did that guy come from' star"!
do you think he made a wrong u turn and ended up at the American Idol auditions, cause he's TOO GOOD for American Idol!
by Lisa September 12, 2004
A class act.....one who can step aside to let another shine....one who has a calling in life......one who has a gift.
Many young men strive to be Clay Aiken, only those who don't read Urban Dictionaries will suceed.
by LIlkahuna January 04, 2004

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