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the greatest guy ever..... i love you kaleb
anyone would be lucky to have him
by Caitlin June 04, 2004
To suddenly give a long speech that usually results in rambling and repeating of nonsence.
I shall now tell you how awful rants are, they are the bain of humans. If rants were plentiful humans would become extinct! Extinct I say!! Humans also need to pick cherries with automated cherry pickers as this results in more plentiful harvests resulting in more people whos brains have been nourished by cherries and intelligent cherry nourished people are less likely to rant than those raised on blueberry farms, because they are subjected to blueberry fumes, and they are toxic, like non-toxic glue. Made of horse hooves. Horses can also help prevent rants as you cannot rant while riding a horse and you can't ride a horse if there aren't horses because they have all been made into non-toxic glue. Do you understand rants now?
by Caitlin April 01, 2005
Intense, utmost hostility towards someone/something. Bitter detest and cold and merciless disgust.
"I REALLY hate you, I want you to die."
by Caitlin February 07, 2003
to rig something up half assed so that it works well enough, but doesn't work the way it is supposed to.
I had to nigger rig up my cd player in my car.
by caitlin February 25, 2005
An amazing Smashing Pumpkins song
Britney Spears only wishes she could be half as brilliant as Billy Corgan to create something such as Stumbleine.
by caitlin April 17, 2005
A clothing store that it is super en vogue to make fun of. The best way to feign non-conformity is to say you hate abercrombie, but still go in the store to see what's cool, and then make fun of the clothes and the people that work there. You make fun of the ripped jeans, but in the end you sneak in to buy some, because you secretly like them. It's so trendy to hate abercrombie that it is breeding a new kind of "alternative conformity".
All of the tools who made fun of Abercrombie on this website should be congratulated on being trendy enough to jump on the anti-abercrombie band wagon.
by Caitlin January 15, 2005
spilling alcohol, as in abusing it by wasting it.
You just spilled my beer all over the floor, that's alcohol abuse.
by caitlin February 25, 2005

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