A class act.....one who can step aside to let another shine....one who has a calling in life......one who has a gift.
Many young men strive to be Clay Aiken, only those who don't read Urban Dictionaries will suceed.
by LIlkahuna January 04, 2004
Best singer in the world! He's caring,handsome and talented!
Good role model = Clay Aiken!
by Germanclayfan January 05, 2004
A kind, caring person with a beautiful voice and a heart to match.
The person had a heart of gold, always cared about others.
by clayfanforever June 26, 2004
An incredibly attractive man with a caring personality, amazing voice, and crazy beautiful eyes. He can multi task like nobody's business. He has thousands of women swooning over him.

Being a runner up has never been sweeter :)
That guy over there is so Clay Aikening today.

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken.
by hotwaxonclay August 02, 2005
Clay Aiken is the most thudaliciously, beautiful man to ever grace this world with his presence. He has the most fantastic voice of anyone on the face of the earth and is the most caring individual anyone could ever hope to meet.
Clay Aiken is the shining example of what all men should be!
by Claymaniac2000 June 13, 2004
Just about the most decent pop singer out there. Thank god.
In the eye of the music industry, you're either a womanizer or you're gay. Then there is Clay Aiken, who isnt any of those. Derr.
by kristina January 13, 2004
A sexy, beastly man who really did win American Idol, but lost to Ruben Studdard because the judges forgot to use Q-Tips the previous nights.
Paula: Why is that colossal man dripping sweat all over the stage, Simon?
Simon: I don't know, but I like it! Much better than that scrabbly little dork over there, Clay Aiken. Too bad I cannot hear him for my excess earwax has blocked my eardrums.
Paula: Yeah, too bad.
by Maeve June 10, 2004

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