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What you call classmates that get on your nerves when you are unable to call them @$$holes due to the nature of the audience.
I can't believe what that classhole said in chemistry today...
by Not the Naughty One July 18, 2009
The one idiot in your class, preferably large lectures, that constantly interrupts the professor with one of four type questions. These questions are rarely honest quests for knowledge, but dependent on the professor's approval.

1. Questions that he/she should already know from reading required texts/materials
2. Questions that are not necessary reading, but easily figured out or looked up in a matter of seconds.
3. Questions designed to show off the asker's "intellect" of knowledge of the subject.
4. Questions that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

Often, after a period of time, the professor will even go so far as to limit the classhole to a certain number of questions per class.
Whenever the classhole raised his hand, the entire lecture would groan, and the professor would try to ignore him for as long as possible.
by S-Tir3 May 24, 2009
An asshole on craigslist. Derived from c/l asshole.
The guy who responds to your wanted ad saying he saw the item you want on cl
and the next week emails again, all in caps "AS I SAID BEFORE, I HAVE THESE."

His personal ad sounded really good, so we met for coffee, but it turns out he's a classhole.
by partybeans May 05, 2009
A person who believes themselves to be superior based on their social status.
My wife's aunt thinks she needs to sell her million dollar condo because she has to see people out of one of her three windows. She is a classhole.
by Danny Bryant July 11, 2008
a student who asks lots of questions or makes comments for the purpose of impressing the professor in the hope that it will result in a higher grade.
"In our Con Law class today that damn Burt never shut up --what a class-hole!"
by JackR April 15, 2009
A classy asshole. Someone who looks suave and smooth, but is also tough and not so nice. Essentially a punk with style.
Girl 1: why didn't you go out with him? He's dead sexy
Girl 2: yea he is really hot, but it's 'cause he's a classhole
by Peter Webb May 01, 2007
The jerk of the class! See asshole.
That guy is definitely the classhole in algebra class.
by Crys February 17, 2003