A person who can find anything to be classy thus annoying his friends/acquaintances with his odd classiness.
Friend 1: Wow dude look at Steve he's wearing a shirt that looks like a Polo brand shirt but it really has a guy playing lacrosse on it.

Friend 2: I know bro. He's such a class hole.
by ClassHole69 December 08, 2010
a special type of asshole. This kind of asshole has all the generic asshole features, but with an extra special flair. Generally, this person will always try to pull off pranks and sarcasm with as much intelligence and creativity as possible.
I'm sorry my friend just spit in your drink and laughed about it after because he has oral herpes, he's a classhole.
by Taylor and Dani July 26, 2008
Noun- Someone who uses his money or social status to excuse being rude or treating others disrespectfully.
Typical classhole. Cuts to the front of the line yelling on his Bluetooth the whole time.
by JagMagnet October 10, 2014
When the most illiterate bitch in class offers to read a full chapter knowing goddamn well they're reading level is far below average.
Classhole- "T-T-T-The...okay...t-t-t-the buh-buh-bunny sai-"

Smartass- "Who the fuck let this classhole attempt to read? Somebody please drag Floyd Mayweather away!"
by Socratic Sarcasshole September 04, 2014
n. a classmate who takes pleasure in the sound of his or her own voice and will not shut up during a class.

n. an obnoxious classmate
Justin never shuts up in class.
He's such a classhole!
by Clumsy the Clown May 11, 2009
A person in a lecture or class that feels the need to ask the professor obvious questions just to prove they are listening, sits in the front row of class without fail, corrects the teacher on trivial matters, or speak simply to prove their own intelligence to the other students and professor. This person makes every one in the class groan exasperatingly each time they open their mouth, which unfortunately is far too often. It is rare day when you can sit through an entire hour-long lecture without them interrupting.
"That guy always corrects the professor, what a classhole!"
by Leaping Trout March 28, 2015
That guy/girl in your class who talks all the time but who never really says anything. Usually someone who brown noses the teacher and always has his/her hand in the air. That guy, in the class.
"So today the professor asked a rhetorical question, and the classhole raised his hand."
by groovynotions February 14, 2010
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