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New Years Eve
I'm having a New Years Eve Party!
by Aeon December 31, 2003
Verb. The action of typing with a single hand when the alternate hand is currently occupied. While typing monomaunally the rules of punctuation are frequently ignored because of the difficulty in using the shift key and another key single handedly.
During masturbation I had to type monomanually when I received an instant message.
by Aeon August 02, 2003
mutated form of aeon, a personal journalist and photographer.
"nephesh writes like shit."
by aeon November 11, 2003
A (usually) imported front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder vehicle (usually Honda Civic, Toyota Celica, Dodge/Plymouth Neon) with front-wheel-drive that has been extensively visually modified by its owner. Such modifications include fiberglass body panel replacement or enhancement, addition of whale-tail spoilers, low-profile tires on large rims, clear-lensed H.I.D. headlights, and a modified final exhaust stage.

Occasionally, these vehicles have much more extensive modifications, including but not limited to: total exhaust system overhaul, turbo/supercharging, engine replacement (To other high-performance inline four-cylinder engine ex. Honda S2000 or Saab 9-3), addition of a highly explosive gas (Nitrous Oxide or "NOS") into the fuel injection system, interior, seating, and steering modifications, and high-end stereo upgrades.
AlpineUSA.com had one hell of a rice rocket.
by Aeon January 04, 2004
The sound that one make's in certain situations such as: Testament's QCB + Punch, a Blacksmith's Hammerfall, or any other time that something gets owned hard.
*Hammerfall* WIGA-BAM!
by Aeon July 14, 2003
genital warts
"my god man, your cock is clarts!"
by aeon November 11, 2003

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