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Doing an avatar is when you are masturbating so hard you turn blue and your penis begins to resemble a frayed rope.
I definitely caught him doing an avatar
by SHENZILLA December 14, 2010
A dusty anus is where you haven't taken a shit in a very long time that your anal passage has become barren and desolate which makes your farts shoot out all remaining residue.
I haven't shat in ten days, in suspecting a dusty anus any time soon.
by SHENZILLA December 14, 2010
A Golfer Kick is where a woman is performing felatio and you kick them in the vagina or they kick you in the penis whilst shouting "Merry Christmas!"
"Man I gave her a could golfer kick last night!"
by SHENZILLA December 08, 2010
A fat woman who resembles an anchovy in appearance and smell.
You're a fish queen.
by SHENZILLA December 07, 2010
A mustachio's special is when you are taking a shit and it gets badly tangled in your anal pubes. The pain and smell is so severe you have to get a friend to trim the affected area.
Last night i went home.. it was messy. I had mustachio's special
by SHENZILLA December 14, 2010
The clam is feared in all countries world wide. The clam is when your parter's vagina becomes a certain age and becomes hard/crispy and dry.
Mary got THE CLAM for her birthday :'(
by SHENZILLA December 14, 2010
A bleeding blue waffle which has pus leaking from over sized boils which smells like garlic.
Have you met the blue waffles ugly cousin Pizza bagel?
by SHENZILLA December 07, 2010

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