Something you use to smoke with. In British, cigarettes are called "fags".
Mike (British): Yo dude I just smoked a fag.
Harold (Asian): Yeah I had a cigarette last night too.
Mike: Yeah I love fags.
Tyler (American, just walking in): WTF?
by TheShinyVaporeon May 23, 2012
cigarettes, cancer sticks, smokes, my life...

whichever way you put it, these things are wonderful and have kept me from beating up all the stupid bitches i would have normally beat up if i wasnt so calm.

and just to let you know, if you dont like them, then dont smoke them. and if you dont wanna be around them, then go away. but dont complain about it. believe me, nobody wants to hear that and its a waste of breath from your precious lungs. so just shut the fuck up cause we all know its bad for you. nobody cares.
two luckys: one for good luck, and one for good fuck.
by cancer sticks are beautiful June 23, 2005
Something to put in your mouth so some ignorant fuck will come up to you and say, "smoking is harmful." Then the smoker can reply by punching the homo in the face or at the very least blowing a large puff of smoke in their direction.
by 2pac October 14, 2003
A cigarette every now and then is a guilty pleasure. As another person said, smoking cigarettes on occassion (1-3 a day) or just socially is OK and not very harmful. Smoking a pack or even half a pack in a day is a sign that you need help. I'm definitely not going to make smoking cigarettes a habit, because I know how dangerous they are. I do love the taste of them though, but not enough to became addicted to them.
A cigarette every now and then is okay with me!
by SuperSonicX September 23, 2005
the biggest waste of time youl ever have. They dont get you high, they just give you cancer. For every cigarette you had, if you substituted it with weed, you would feel so much better and live longer. Fuck the cigarettes, go by weed, feel good and live longer!
Throw away those shit cigarettes and try some of that real medicine, youl feel much better after smoking an ounce of this.
by Jamacan Boy 22 June 04, 2006
how to say "i don't give a fucking fuck" without really saying it
yeah i got yellow teeth, bad breath, one lung, no voicebox, and stage four terminal cancer.

but i don't fucking give a fuck. i'll show you, pass me my fuckin cigarettes.
by dane's boy April 26, 2008
mmmmmm delicious cancer sticks that have kept many people from dying
man im gonna kill someone if i dont get a smoke soon
by Derek July 25, 2004
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
sometimes its a cock.
Cigarettes, however, are always badass.
buzz, asthetics, spite, all good reasons to smoke cigarettes.
by Phish Head November 24, 2006

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