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Something to put in your mouth so some ignorant fuck will come up to you and say, "smoking is harmful." Then the smoker can reply by punching the homo in the face or at the very least blowing a large puff of smoke in their direction.
by 2pac October 14, 2003
Not sure, but it hurts like hell when it gets infected and swells to the size of a tennis ball.
by 2pac October 14, 2003
1. vulgar for extrement
2. vulgar for any variety of tasks one must complete or do
3. Used to put down an inferior being
1. Yo i just dropped tha biggest shyt
2. I got madd shyt 2 do for 2nite
3. Imma shyt on you in bball
by 2pac October 21, 2003
See Matt Schr3ck and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Dude, I'm Matt Schr3ck. Someone hit me with a baseball bat in the face at a very young age.
by 2Pac February 15, 2005
The gleam/shine that comes off something new.
by 2pac August 07, 2003
An organization being run by a wanksta that is trying to turn into a recording label in the future by selling hats in the present.
Holler at the Movement!
Hop on the train 'cause the Movement is rolling through town!
by 2Pac January 21, 2004

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