The reason why your friends and family lost some respect for you. Also the reason why your teeth and spit are yellow and black and your dick is going limp after a few minutes of sex.
guy - *lights a cigarette in the elevator*
old woman - *cough* ahem
guy - lady i apparently don't care about my own health, what makes you think i'll give a shit about yours?
#cigarette #cig #cigarete #ciggarette #ciggarete #fag #stick
by pnguyen December 14, 2007
Something that non-smokers hate, and smokers love. What many people don't understand is that smoking is physically and emotionally addictive. As a smoker, I am tired of hearing non-smokers talk about an addiction they have never had. All smokers understand the damage they are doing to their body, but obviously since we are still smoking we don't care. Smoking Cigarettes are just as unhealthy as unhealthy diets. Since 63% of America is overweight, and 20% of them smoke I think that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
NS: "Oh, my God. Smoking is so bad for you."

S: "I know. I heard that in 1992"

NS: "I mean, How can you run, or be active with all that crap in your lungs?"

S: "I can run faster than you with this cigarette in my mouth."

NS: "...I don't know about that"

S: "I'll put out this cigarette when you stop eating 6,000 calories a day. How's that?"

NS: "I'm just saying, Cigarettes will kill you"

S: "So will smokers if you keep harassing them."
#smoking #cigarette #fag #fat #overweight #unhealthy #death stick #cancer
by Getyourbellyoffmyrights August 29, 2011
A pinch of tobbacco, rolled in paper, with a fire at one end and a fool at the other.
by §k¥©LåD March 15, 2003
The best damn thing that the man has EVER created. All these "Truth" adds can fuck off becasuse in reality ciggs have kept my girlfriend alive because if she quit then her blood sugar would get all fucked up.
Give me some cigarettes before I kick this guys ass.
#nicotine #smoke #camel #pall mall #misty #marlboro
by Jeremy Dehart July 08, 2006
A magic wand that destroys your lungs, clears up your brain, and kills millions of people without effort.

This magic wand can also cause you to see things that aren't there.
That cigarette killed my mom!

This cigarette will taste nasty, but will make me happy.
#cigar #smoke #marlboro #tobacco #lungs #brain
by DannyRebus November 26, 2010
Something that we know is bad for us, but we do it anyway.
Annoying 14 years old kid: Hey dude, you smoke?

Me: Yes.

Annoying 14 years old kid: You do know it's bad for you, right?

Me: yes, I do. I don't gife a shit, fuck off.

Annoying 14 years old kid: But dude, passive smoking is bad and annoys others!

Me: Then go somewhere else, idiot.

(By the way, I would have put this under "smoking" if it wasn't full of self-entitled assholes, so I just put it under "cigarette"
#smoking #smoke #cigar #tobacco #nicotine #coffee
by I will die someday, anyway July 04, 2014
an addictive drug that basically does three things:

1) smells bad

2) hurts people

3) creates litter
how about putting that cigarette in the toilet where it belongs? then you can piss on it like it deserves, and maybe even take a dump! then you can flush that filth down with all the other shit.
#loser #butt-sucking loser #butt-sucker #cancer stick #trashy
by cldick October 22, 2012
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