Tobacco rolled in paper. With a filter. Filters are usually prefered because getting tobacco in your mouth is unpleasant. Though people who smoke unfiltered cigarettes accuse filter cigarette smokers of being a pussy. Cigarettes aren't bad if you smoke them once in a while. Even one a day won't hurt you.
I'm trying to fill space cause UrbanDictionary said i need atleast 20 letters and 3 words. Word Yo!
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 21, 2005
Perhaps the best thing invented by man since alcohol. Adds a little zing to the day. Also give you 5mins alone every hour or so (However this varys per person) To think about your next cigarette or some pressing matter you've gone for a cigarette to escape.

The perfect combination with a cigarette usually is a beer, coffee, sex session or a good chat with a fellow smoker.

Non-smokers do not understand the wonder that is nicotine. The most stress relieving drug discovered so far. (Except marajuana/weed etc...)

Most non-smokers belive that you are burning your money, killing yourself and making your living acommodation stink.
When you smoke, this does not matter. IT's all worth it for those few mins of relief a day.

Cigarettes also have a little trick to them, once you start, cigarettes never want you to leave the ranks of the smokers.
Perhaps becos they love you so much. And you love them.

Long live smoking!
Wow, I'm dying for a cigarette! I'll be back in 5mins.

I can't handle work at the moment. I'm going for a cigarette.
by Alimace January 09, 2009
Tobacco blended and rolled in paper, sealed in glue.
Smoked by lighting and inhaling.
Over 1 billion people in the world are smokers, probably more.

Smokers do not care about their health, therefore making them badass as hell because they look death in the face and say "Suck my left one."
Person 1: Man, i'm gonna go smoke a cigarette.

Person 2: Duude, thats soo bad for you. You're frying your lungs, you know?

Person 1: *Proceeds to roundhouse Person 2 in the ribs and stands over him* I don't give a fuck.
by AndGreg April 20, 2008
Product made to relieve stress. A controversial topic, but put in simple terms, a drug constructed of a filter and tobacco (mixed with some chemicals) wrapped in paper. The lighter's best friend.
"Mary lit a cigarette today, she says it relieves her stress."
by Define Me March 17, 2008
A unit of time. approximately 5 minues.
nathan stepped out. he'll be back in a cigarette.
by thebiglechowski August 18, 2010
Cancer in a box sold to you by a smug corporation.
The office workers stood outside their building shivered in the rain as they smoked cigarettes and desperately tried to drain the life out of themselves.
by limecoke9 August 27, 2014
a pinch of dried and shredded tobacco rolled in smoking paper which usually has a filter attached to the end to make the smoke less harsh.
Cigarettes are the best thing out there. Nicotine is probably the only thing that keeps me sane. And you bitches out there that complain about secondhand smoke (i even read on an earlier post someone saying secondhand smoke is twice as bad(???)) should shut the fuck up. You're a bunch of pussies. I love ciggies and i smoke them whenever I feel like it. And yes, I know they cause cancer you fucking idiots. I read the stupid ass warnings on every pack I buy and laugh at them before I light one up. Sorry, I don't really give a fuck if I die before I'm 70 because who the hell wants to be that old anyway. We're all going to die anyway so why not enjoy it? Good cigarette brands include Marlboro, (not ultralights) Camel and Parliments are okay.
Bob- Why do you smoke cigarettes? Don't you know you're killing yourself and the people around you with secondhand smoke!?
Me- Bitch, shut the fuck up secondhand smoke isn't shit and if you're so worried then get the fuck away from me.
Bob- Oh you're right, sorry I'm a dipshit
by Geesoss November 29, 2006

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