A cylinder of tobacco, the food of the gods, in a delicate and flammable paper, which the adept lights, like Carmen in the opera, and blissfully inhales the fumes thereof. These fumes fill her or his sexy body with a godlike transformation in which the petty concerns of the bourgeois everyday are seen as through a mauve haze that anticipates in the dreary world of everyday, the pleasures of the souk. The cigarette attests one's morality and thereby one's defiance of that morality, and it is truly said of the antismoker, the tears of the Philistine are the Nectar of the Gods.
Give me a cigarette, said Jean-Paul Sartre to Simone de Beauvoir in the Deux Magots. "You smoke too much", said de Beauvoir. Sartre said, you have contracted with me never to say a petty-bourgeois thing, nor to hold me to the dreary and suburban expectations of small minds. Are we not as gods, who must tragically, and in the absence of god, determine our lifespan by acting as committed members of a self-conscious vanguard? I know that Heidegger would call upon us to acknowledge the mystery of Being (Sein) in Time (Zeit) but we refuse the mysterious and peer into a desacrilized world in which sacrifice of short-term instinct must be examined, not for its utility to be sure, in a petty bourgeois spirit which again, I refuse, but for its worth as a gesture of defiance. Therefore give me a cigarette, ho.
by Edward G. Nilges August 07, 2006
A pinch of tobacco rolled in the kinda crappy paper that bus tickets are made out of with a filter on them...mostly...unless you smoke rolls ups. I Personally love them. Nobody is going to change my opinion. If you love them too, big ups to you. If you don't, quit moaning and don't smoke. Us smokers are perfectly aware that fags may well be the death of us. WE DON'T CARE. Do you think we don't read those ricdulous warning s on the packs while we get one out? Jeezzzz.Btw B&H rule :D
Tara: *is having a cigarette*
Retard: Don't do that it's bad for your health, ouch the smoke is getting in my eyes
Tara: Fuck off then.Simple as.
by Tara the Pirate July 25, 2006
1) A valid reason to argue with someone. 2) A delicious taste of death in a stick. 3) Something you are required to do in the military. 4) Stress relief from the assholes who tell you smoking is bad.
Mr. No-Smoke, "You know, smoking will kill you."
Me, "Yeah, I have a theory on that. The average lifespan of a human is nearing 100 years old and I refuse to regress back to childhood."
Mr. No-Smoke, "what does that have to do with smoking a cigarette?"
Me, "It means that I'm killing myself slightly quicker in order to be able to wipe my own ass until my dying day."
by hunteddemonoid January 23, 2009
something you can smoke every once in a while. You don't have to smoke them every day. I didn't.
1),Jeff: "What's that? It reminds me of when I was a teenager".
Angie: "Karen smokes".
Me (embarassed that she snitched after she promised me she wouldn't): "ANGIE!"
Angie: "Well, you're the one with the cigarettes in your hand!"
Jeff: "Smokey The Clove".

2) When I was a smoker I didn't smoke my cigarettes every day. How can you smokers manage to smoke a pack or two of cigarettes daily? I could never smoke that much. I only smoked six cigarettes maximum in a day, and that was fine for me.
by Karen Stickney September 29, 2007
Something that can be awesome if you exercise some self control.
I'm a social smoker who sometimes smokes when I'm feeling down. I can go for months without a cigarette.
by Grave Yard Duck August 31, 2003
Tobacco tightly rolled into smokable paper. Smoking cigarettes on occassion (1-3 a day) or just socially is OK and not very harmful. Smoking a pack or even half a pack in a day is a sign that you need help. Some people love to preach about cigarettes and give you a lot of shit if they see you smoking one because they want to seem smart, or because they're little sXe virgins who are bitter about denying themselves the occassional pleasure. A popular insult to smokers is, "Yeah, YOU'RE cool..." causing the smoker to break the face of the preteen goth-punk who said it and use his eyes as an ashtray.

In my opinion, Camel Turkish Golds are the best cigarettes around, the worst being Newports or anything menthol. Marlboros are decent. Parliaments are overrated. USA's, though not great, are good in a pinch when you forgot your wallet and only have the change laying around your car.
Cigarettes are nice here and there, but one of those things you just can't overdo.
by Chernorizets Hrabr August 10, 2004
Prison currency.
Woah, woah.. Calm down, man. I'll have your 85.5 cigarettes by next week
by Seven hundred dead possums July 11, 2010

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