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comes from the latin root "cid", which means "kill" or "annhilate"
suicide = killing of self
"sui" is a corrupted way of saying "self"
genocide = killing of kind/race/origin
latin root "gen" means kind/race/origin
homocide = killing of man
latin root "homo" means "man"(Greek root might mean "same")
infanticide = killing of infants
infant is a young animal/human
herbicide = killing of plants
herb means plant
by this website is ruined December 31, 2005
Cider /side/ usually of the cheap variety.

ORIGIN - An abbreviation used by Dave Punk Rock.
Dave Punk Rock: "EYYY! What you doin!? stop blastin' all me cide!"
by I'm a Willy February 01, 2008
To commit suicide.

Typically used in roleplay gaming.
I'm going to cide.. I hate running.
by Usurpation October 26, 2005
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