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n. the sexual attraction to both genders, opposite and the same.

A bisexual is someone who exhibits bisexuality.

Bisexuality is one of the more commonly misunderstood of all sexualities, next to transsexuality. Some of the most common misconceptions is that it is a passing phase, whether into homosexuality (being gay) or from that into heterosexuality (being straight). Most often bisexual people are considered confused, and wierd, and many misinformed people are convinced that one can only be gay or straight.
The homophobes were in disbelief of Chuck's bisexuality.
by The Light of Reason March 16, 2005
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The state of being sexually attracted to both males and females, regardless of your own gender.
Bisexuality - anything that moves baby, anything that moves.
by xJulia June 29, 2006
the gift of nature to love both genders indiscriminately
Due to bisexuality, Sarah has fallen in love with John and Heather, wishing she could cuddle and make love with them both forever.
by The Chickendude April 24, 2010
When somebody is attracted to people of both sexes. Yes, some people claim to be bisexual for attention, but there are many people who are genuinely bi. I'm not sure why people don't think bisexuality exists when it clearly does (it's well-established).
Hattie's bisexuality made her less popular in her homophobic school but she still kept up her bisexuality because she was bisexual, not because she was attention-seeking.
by ImStraightButNotHomophobic... April 28, 2012
a) The best of both worlds

b) The worst of both worlds
a) What a large range of options for sexual gratification, thanks bisexuality?

b) I can't hang around either gender group without people thinking I'm trying to hit on them...
by DA LLAMAS January 12, 2015
Sometning That multiplies your chance for a datę on Saturday night.
A: So you like them both? Boys and girls?
B: Does It surprise you?
A: Everybody has a preference.
B: Not me. This is called bisexuality, man
by February 01, 2015
Technically, it's real, but I believe 50/50 bisexuality thing doesn't exist. You have to lean on one gender the most and if you do you're either a hetero or a homo, not "bisexual".

You're either straight with bi tendencies or gay with bi tendencies. That is the so-called "bisexuality", just a slight leaning. If you're not bisexual, you're 100% gay/straight. If you're "bisexual" you're only 90% gay/straight, and you should be called that, NOT bi.

These "bisexual" women who live with men prefer males and they'd only want sex with women for fun or for a guy's sake. I don't think they'd get fulfilled being with a woman. Not to mention, some "bisexual" women do it for the attention - it's a trend these days and it's seen as hot by society.

Straight men who have bi leanings are on the straight side and they get fulfilled with the women, so they wouldn't need men, even though they might have slight attraction. Also, since society isn't approval on man-on-man sex, men (who are straight with bi leaning) wouldn't bother admitting they have slight attractions towards other men. So, thus, they will be called straight. And that's a rather correct term.

That is why bisexuality in men doesn't exist, but in women it seems scattered. Women call themselves by very easily, even when having a slightly itty bitty attraction. If homosexuality was more accepted these days and if men weren't so homophobic, even they would be calling themselves bisexual.
Chick: OMG I saw this hot girl, I really felt like touching her boobs and I think it might feel good. I'm bi...hooray! heheehe

Dude: Hon shut up and stop being an attention seeker, you're straight!

Gay guy: I had it with this chick yesterday, she was hot and I sort of liked it. I guess I'm bisexual. But I didn't really...feel...huh...I dunno...I wasn'

Straight guy: Dude, you're gay! You didn't feel anything you mean. You're gay! Just because you banged a girl doesn't mean you're bisexual.

Straight guy: I walked and I saw this handsome man. I accidentally touched his bottom, I did feel tingly.

Guy who thinks everything is gay: Bro, you're gay. Ew...come're so gay! OMG!

Straight guy: I'm straight as they come you douche, but we humans are sexual beings, we will feel something. That's why so many men get raped in prison because there is bisexuality among us but that doesn't mean we're fucking bisexuals. We're sexual creatures!

Guy who thinks everything is gay: You're bisexual then!

Straight guy: No I'm straight. I have to be fully fulfilled with a man, but I know I won't be. That's why I'm straight.
by mythbusta February 02, 2012

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