wicked, good, used to describe a person or thing, used by teenage boys like Taylor Gosling.
That mustang is fully sick chups
by Smavie September 14, 2003
Top Definition
To kiss one's teeth in a pejorative manner to express contempt or dissapproval
I asked that shop assistant if they stocked size 20 and she just chupsed me and walked on
#kiss teeth #cuss #diss #cho #suck teeth
by Elizabeth Duke September 18, 2006
A word used in central Kansas referring to the use of chewing tobacco. Can also mean spitting the juice from chewing tobacco onto objects.
"Can I bum a chup off of you?"

Clint Eastwood just chupped all over that dog
#chewing #tobacco #spitting #chap #dip
by BigSlimNE November 09, 2009
Hindi for "shut up".
I told Propti to "chup" because she was yapping away to Kinjal.
by Aignam March 13, 2005
(n.) -a filler word

can mean anything you want
Usually used to say yes.

does not mean to shut up
(cannot be used in place of the word no)
Chris: You wana chill tonight?
#chup #yes #not no #sure #okay
by arl2490 December 31, 2008
How kiwis pronounce french fries
Do you fancy some fush and chups?
by t money November 03, 2003
To be a really cheap. Another word for mooch.
That girl is the biggest chup I know, she wouldn't even buy a drink when we went out, but made us all share ours.
#cheap #chupp #mooch #cheap ass #tight wad #miser #scrooge
by Chuppppperson March 19, 2011
To say the whole entire truth (only applies to Prab and Beka) without any lies.
I chup you Beka!!
#chup #beka #truth #prab #tinie tempah
by iojkbn April 22, 2011
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