A "shower" a female takes underneath the cum of her partner. Sometimes the female will even smooth shampoo or conditioner- or any other type of nomal shower product and use it in this cock shower to make it seem more legitimate. Usually followed by normal intercourse or a birmingham booty call just for the hell of it.
man: Hey want to go in the matress store and take a chup
woman: sounds good- why dont you give me a chup in the chipotle bathroom also?
man: i could dig that
woman: i hope you drank lots of pinnapple juice...
by Pulatienza!! December 24, 2009
a stereo-typical expression of a new zealander saying chip
can i have a chup bro?
by jeramiah47 January 21, 2009
A gelatinous plaid substance
Ew, don't get any of that chup on me! I'm wearing stripes!
by Lizard Dude December 08, 2005
A word to describe something which you feel is of poor standard or just shit.
John: Hey mate, what do you think of my new burberry baseball cap?
Jim: That looks totally chup mate - you like like a right chavvy!!
by Jim July 19, 2004
wicked, good, used to describe a person or thing, used by teenage boys like Taylor Gosling.
That mustang is fully sick chups
by Smavie September 14, 2003
A substitute for any noun or verb
Similar to the word smurf
The adjective form is either chuppy or chuppin'
In extreme cases, chup may be substituted for any foul language, or, if the speaker feels the need, any word at all.

Verb Conjugation:
Chup: used for First and second person (I, We, and you)
Chups: used for the third person (Him, Her, them, etc.)
Chupped: past tense
Chupping: Active verb tense (ex. "I am chupping")

Chup on.
"You chup that girl?"
"Yeah chup, she looks like she could chup all chup."

"You see that chup Doug drew?"
"Yeah, Rick showed it to me when I was chupping with John"
by Doug Wilson February 04, 2008
Caller Hangs Ups
The CHUPS percentage was high at this telemarketer. They suck!
by Rory Gilmore May 19, 2004
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