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the act of kissing
Gove me a smooch
by Alexius November 07, 2003
A kind of kiss. A smOOch is like a french kiss (making out), only without tongue.
"I was hoping we would make out, but he ended the night with a smOOch"
by aRi_eLLe October 26, 2005
To lovingly kiss your bf/gf straight on the lips.
As we walked in the door, my girlfriend smooched me.
by TotallyRandom March 26, 2008
good kisses, a kiss with someone who has juicy lips and can kiss good; a compatible kiss
I was gettin my smooch on at the party
by anonymous March 22, 2005
The act of kissing. Implying a playful and sometimes wet kiss, although it's usually without tongue.

Given by married couples to each other in the morning, before they leave for work.
I gave my hubby a smooch and we went to work.
by HeavyKitty January 28, 2011
Gender-neutral term for the person you're dating.
"my smooch and i are making ice cream sundaes tonight and watching adventure time in bed"
"How's you and your smooch doing?"
by gender avenger January 05, 2014
a big wet sloppy kiss on the face
aunt milly gave big wet smooches to her nephue and squeezed his cheeks
by marilyn darling April 11, 2009