To say the whole entire truth (only applies to Prab and Beka) without any lies.
I chup you Beka!!
by iojkbn April 22, 2011
ketchup or catsup; a thick sauce, made with tomatoes, that is served cold as a condiment
Will you pass the chup please so I can put some on my fries?
by zts2lh November 25, 2007
the female taint, gooch, or chode. you idiots! also used as an insult.
You're a chup bitch!

infected chup, swollen chup, beatin chup, the stanky chup, ugly chup, massacred chup, diseased ridden chup, etc.
by chupovich September 04, 2009
The act of sucking penis.

chups comes from the spanish word "chupa" wich means to suck
John: "yo mike i heard some bitch gave you chups on my couch last night!"

Mike : "dont talk about your sister that way! she gives the best chups in the world! j/k but yeah that slut mary gave me chups. she had a great gag reflex"
by oilchange March 14, 2008
To chill and hang out at the same time.

Also a form of greeting to someone you associate with who has already chupped with you.

The art of the chup would be know as chuppin
Yo B wanna chup tonight?
yeah ill meet you at the spot son,,,,

(walking down the street, seeing someone you know nod your head and say "chup!"

response "chup"
by Deeznuts May 30, 2007
To shut ones mouth as demanded by another.Used especially well when someone is talking out of their ass. For added effect it goes well in almost a sing-song type usage.

chup-chup-chup your mouth, chupchupchup your mouth!
Hey greg you don't know anything so chup boy!

For the sing-song usage just drag out the U and bring it up an octave in the middle, then back down at the end: chuuuuuUUUUuuuuuuup.
by Tucson Down February 26, 2006
function: noun

etymology: dirty south florida
originatingin four quarters habitat
slang repository.

synonyms: square, grit, cig., cancer stick, etc.
definition: cigarette
hey man, lemme getta chup.
by skizzle September 09, 2004

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