The chupacabra is a legendary mythical creature rumored to inhabit music festivals of the North Americas, from California to New England. Physical descriptions of the creature vary, but most witnesses have described them to be older semi attractive females often wildly intoxicated at music festivals usually only seen after dusk. This species can be quite dangerous, and cunning, often able to abduct young men from their group, isolate them, and devour them, usually by sucking their blood. It is purportedly a heavy creature, usually a white middle aged woman, although there have been reports of chupacabra behavior within almost all ethnicities. The chupacabra is usually only identified retrospectively, in the evening hours, when a male member of a group is reported missing. His friends realize that the last time he was seen was with an aggressive woman, spilling alcohol all over herself, foaming at the mouth and slurring her speech, who led him away, never to be seen again. These are the tactics used by the chupacabra.

Eyewitness sightings have been claimed as early as 1985 at a Grateful Dead concert in Michigan, and have since been reported as far north as Maine, and more recently at Coachella as well as Austin City Limits, but many of the reports have been disregarded as uncorroborated or lacking evidence. Biologists and wildlife management officials view the chupacabra as a contemporary legend.
"Dude, what happened to Dave? Oh no! I think he got snatched by a chupacabra!"

"Hey man I'd watch it, that chick is definitely a chupacabra, let's steer clear"
by Johnny Nitelife March 10, 2014
A Predatory Male Latin Lover from South America or The Caribbean -- the primary target of the Chupacabra's amorous affections are white American Single Moms. A description of the classic Chupacabra is a short (under 5'10" or 180cm), bearded with a shaved head, massive amounts of body hair (especially chest hair but back hair is also common), well groomed, well read, usually their first language is Spanish (however, Portuguese is also common too...). Chapucabra also known for their love of soft rock music, (e.g. John Mayer, Cold Play, ect.), Euro trance music , modern art, exotic cars, casinos, and night clubs with names that include " Spanish/Portuguese".

The Chapucabra's early attempts at seduction often seem lame almost amateurish in nature. Do not be fooled by these tactics. They are designed to lull the victim into a sense of false security. Usually by the second date the Chapucabra will strike his victim. His favorite dating tool requires a three pronged approach to the seduction: prong 1) the use of a popular holiday i.e. Christmas, New Years' ect. this sets the mood for the seduction. and the final prong (2) is massive amounts of alcohol-- this incapacitates the reduces the victims will power. The final prong of the seduction the use of Soft-Rock or Eurotrance music to set the panty dropping mood!
I just had sex with a Latin man that with a beard and forced me to listen to soft rock during sex!!! You've been a victim of the Chupacabra.
by OttoVonMog January 10, 2014
In legend, the chupacabra is an animal/ creature that drains the blood of goats and possibly other things. Tho the real chupacabra is not like the legends, meaning its not a big foot or whatever. Chupacabra is actualy a Hybrid dog. through DNA testing, the creature is a on it's mothers side part coyote and on its paternal side part mexican wolf. the odd features of this animal is that it has no fur on its body, its skin is an odd color and it seems to crave the blood of its prey rather than the actual meat itself.
protect your goats from the Chupacabra
by g.h.o.s.t August 22, 2010
A vicious street gang roaming the streets of northern Pennsylvania fueled by alcohol and heathen blood that is to be feared and avoided at all cost. Women have been known to be impregnated with the seed of these vicious unscrupulous animals! Hide your children. Lock up your daughters! Bartenders be ware!!!
The chupacabras are here drinking up all the liquor again!
by suepersue November 01, 2013
Stalker who strikes down any Mexican at night, from the safety of pablo-brick rooftops.
-"AUGH! La Chupacabra got Juan!"
-"... Where are the kids?"
by Irrelevant question mark January 28, 2009
A gay male who is known for sucking dick; draining body fluids out of males, leaving them dry and lifeless. (Spanish=Chupar means "to suck or to draw fluid.)
My wife's gay nephew is such a Chupacabra! He always tries to hit on me when he comes over to visit my wife.
by buell05 August 09, 2010
also called "the goat sucker" even though it attacks many different animals. The first attak was reported in Puerto Ricobut but attaks have been seen in chile, columbia, mexico as well as the U.S. and similar attacks in the U.K., Ireland and Spain.

Wittnesses desscribe the chupacabra as a kangaroo looking creature standing 4-5 feet tall with spikes running down its spine. So far there has been one attack on humans.

there are a few ideas regarding this creature the most likely being occult ritauls the least likely being alien activity.
"damn chupacabra killed my cattle!"
by popop_9 August 09, 2008

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