A nub mafiamatrix player.
Chupacabra: I R NUB.
by jimmysandersRkewl February 01, 2009
depends on the situation; very versatile. works as a fill in word for any other adjective or noun. can be negative or positive. the stronger you want the use of the word to be reflected, the more r's you put in. chupacabrrrrrrrra. (you roll your tounge when you say the r's.)
for short, chupy, chupa, etc. are acceptable. the options are unlimited.
"don't be such a chupacabra!"

"thanks chupy!"

"i dunno wein... that looks kinda chupacabra"
by mmmm hot doggies December 10, 2007
The La chupacabra is the most verousous goat sucker. He hunts his pray with devil eyes, and once has ahold of theme, sucks any trace of the goats blood..
This goat has no body fluids, the la chupacabra is near...
by Jono April 11, 2005
A cocktail shot consisting of lime juice, blue raspberry liquer, and "overproof" rum.
Pete and I got drunk on Chupacabras on Tuesday night.
by Ajos April 08, 2004
When you pull down your pants and sneak up on somebody then swipe your ass accross any part of their body.
While Cory was lying on the couch I chupacabrad him right in the face.
by Cory Schiller October 13, 2006
That mexican lizard. Eats all the goats.
Simmons: That would be the chupacabra, sir

Sarge: Hey Griff, Chupa-thingy? How bout that? I like it. Got a ring to it.
by Audio August 04, 2005
A mythical creature invented in Puerto Rico by people whose active imaginations turned some unusual, but not supernatural, circumstances into what they wanted it to be. The legend has since spread to most of the Western Hemisphere, with descriptions of the creature varying, but all the evidence has turned out to be wishful thinking at best, or outright hoaxes at the worst.
There is a logical explanation for all the chupacabra-related phenomena, but the believers refuse to hear any of it.
by Lord V August 18, 2006

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