1. Dog, starving; with mange, possibly with birth defects.

2. Reptile, starving, possibly with birth defects.

3. Raccoons, the type that bite the heads off chickens; see geek. (As identified by a Kansas 5 year old)
4. Road Kill
The Chupacabra ate my baby. The Chupacabra gave me H1N1.
by Cherry2000 May 30, 2010
A goat specially trained to sexually gratify men. Popular in Latin American countries.
Hombre, that chupacabra is one nice goat sucker.
by Dr Ben Benford PhD April 18, 2010
nasty little bloodsucking creature that lives in my basement. if Vivi comes over, she has to sit in my lap to be safe! :P
v: whats that noise?
me: its just the chupacabra!
v: ahh... not again!
me: c'mon dááárlin! :)
by DNL27 August 08, 2008
A flying ninja animal that has a wide cock that eats goats.
Person 1: Whats that thing over there with the huge dick sucking blood from those goats?

Person 2: HOLY CHUPACABRA! That's a chupacabra!
by Banchy May 10, 2010
energy draining negative person that benefits from the emotional turmoil of others,
Omg why r u telling me that it is impossible for me to happy? You are a complete chupacabra!!!
by Leiomi Nala August 12, 2008
The mountaintop headquarters of the Dukes of Wonder, an elite team fighting for truth, justice, and peace. See heaven.
We feel safe knowing that the noble Dukes of Wonder are keeping an everpresent vigil over all of us atop that glorious beacon of freedom, Chupacabra. - The Human Race
by Maviferobandsome October 04, 2005
A sex act beginning when a man binds a woman into the inverse mantis position. He then grabs a horn and violently inserts it into the female's vagina. She then, through the process of vaginal contraction, blows goat's blood out of the horn and onto the man's penis. Using glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, she performs fellatio on the man, until his ejaculated semen mixes with the goat's blood. At this juncture, the woman gargles the lathered solution and swallows.
James: "I'm heading down to the Swedish deli. You want anything?"
Sam: "Can you pick me up some goat's blood?"
James: "The chupacabra?"
Sam: "...the chupacabra..."
by TimAndEric August 04, 2009
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