To consume vast ammounts of alcohol.
Chuff that fucking whiskey down!
by Dude March 03, 2005
To greedily inhale cannabis sativa. To pull big hits of weed. To totally consume challenge hits, and/or completely finish a stacked bowl.
That Adam - he chuffed the entire marleybone before we had a chance to hit it!
by boltonoutlaw January 02, 2008
chuff means one thing, and that is to smoke weed, i dunno what the hell all these other people are talking about.
lets chuff hella bowlssss!
by Hilarious Darius August 23, 2006
1. noun The deep, growl-like, purring sound a cat makes when it is content

2. The act of purring very slowly and deeply.
Pussums chuffed contentedly while Shante stroked his backside.

Dead cats don' chuff.
by Shante August 07, 2004
Exclamation of indignation.
Chuff! I do not have split ends.
by Steph March 29, 2004
to pass wind(fart)
sorry vicar you'd better open a window i've chuffed
by hugh jass September 23, 2003
The pitiful and crumbly remains of a pouch of rolling tobacco used to make a "prison-rollie".
"Have you got a spare roll-up?"
"Nah, only chuff."
"Aww, sick."
by hjc August 20, 2006
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