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A crazy girl with a loud mouth. Shoppaholic. Loves to party and loves Hello Kitty. She's fun and crazy and is loyal to her friends. She has a sense of humor, and is brutally honest. She's a friend you can trust.
"Hey shante, what you doin tonight?"
"Girl, you know i'm goin to the party! Wanna go shopping with me first?"

"Hey shante, how does my outfit look?"
"Like your closet threw up on you. Come with me and i'll fix you"
by leesh1545 November 22, 2009
the finest of all
shante is the one of the group.
by tay April 29, 2003
A beautiful around the way girl, she's dope in every aspect of the word. She's laid back and classy. She loves shoes and her feet are amazingly beautiful. Keith Murray would say she's the... MOST BEAUTIFUL-EST THING IN THE WORLD!!
She's definitely a Shanté...
by Beauty2016 May 04, 2016
A beautiful, sweet, smart, funny girl. She has many talents and is an over powering sight! Even tough she's super chill, she is SUPER dramatic and sometimes cannot take a joke. When you get closer to her and she trusts you she will spill out EVERYTHING she will tell you all about those stupid friends and how she quite enjoys making drama. When you get this far into a friendship with her you are very lucky, her family is the nicest family around!

When Shante likes a guy/girl she will be very flirty with her/him, but when she just talks to other girls/guys that she doesn't even like they think she likes them because of her flirtatious humor. Also the boys she likes never really like her back.
"Man, Shante is so annoying!" yelled Greg.
"Nah, dude she's flirting, I think she likes you!"Explained Jeff.
"Oh, yah she is so funny and cute!"rethinks Greg.
Shante listens... "But I like you, Jeff" She whispers under her breath.
by ICINGTACO June 28, 2016
Goodbye Dear!
Shante dear, call the cellular later!
by EDS&JDB&KMB September 12, 2003
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