70's-speak for sexually satified.
"she was awesome, man! i'm chuffed."
by big johnson2 October 02, 2007
the thick black smoke that is puked from a hopped up diesels exhaust.
holy shit look at that thing chuffing
by Nine Milla May 28, 2005
It's when a person is a combination of both chubby and buff. Like if a man has man boobs but he is totally ripped at the same time. That is what is called chuff.
Byrce: dude look at that guy down at the track. hes buff and chubby.

Trey: hmm, lets call him chuff man.
by Zooyut December 28, 2010
Chuff is stray, unkempt hair which protrudes from the bikini line of a bathing suit worn by a woman.
Noun: "I know she's a hottie but she's sporting some chuff."

Verb: "Hey, if I'm not mistaken you're chuffing right now."
by Max Headshot September 04, 2005
Polite euphemism for a fart
Sorry, I just chuffed.
by ud40 February 23, 2005
apparent name for vagina, but down here used in place of ass/anus, etc..
He takes it up the chuff
by PlymouthKid April 02, 2009
to smoke weed
mike and i just finished chuffing
by derek bunnell December 17, 2003

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