An extreme racial slur towards African Americans and Southern Islanders, originated in Pittsburgh area at an unknown time period. Most effectively used by itself like example one, but can also be used in a full sentence.
Example 1- Chuck.

Example 2- Go back to the sugarcane fields chuck.
by AnonymousChuck October 08, 2013
Balls, Testicles, Nuts.
Guy #1: Oh my god man, that girl was trying to suck my chucks the whole party and I was like chill.

Guy #2:Your poor chucks...

Angry Patron: Suck my chucks motherfucker
by Madame Pimpstress October 22, 2011
Slang for Triple C's
Let's go after work and pick up some Chucks for the movie tonight!
by Dr. P. Hunter July 23, 2008
to leave, throw out or to move
hey lets go chuck like i mean lets just go now.
by worddefniner February 04, 2011
Can be substituted for almost every word. Specifically, the act of picking someone up and throwing or carrying them away from an area.
Skyler and Daniel chucked Anina.
by Milken Chuckers October 05, 2011
Nice shoes i have a pair my friend has a pair the preps has a pair my ex GF has a pair My Ex-GF's friend has a pair Everyone has a pair im gonna wear them the longest cause i love them im still wearin my first pair Monochrome black i shine the rubber weekly to bring out the scratches(the rubber is black)
People who wear chucks
Emos wear-High top black chucks with white rubber with theyre fave emo band written on it
Punks wear- What ever the fuck they want
Preps wear-Low tops what ever colour depending on gender
Gangsters wear_high top colour reflecting to the gang
Wanksters wear- no chucks they wear a attempt at gangster IE Nike poser shoes
I wear-Monochrome black high top thats a lil worn and white cause of De-icing salt i like em that way
by Monochrome black chucks January 30, 2009
A combination of the words choke and fuck,to choke someone while having sex with them.
See that girl right there!? It looks like she needs to be chucked! I would chuck her!
by Dick McGirth the 3rd November 14, 2011

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