Chucks is short for Chuck Taylors-the best shoes since... i dunno when... but who cares? go get some CHUCKS, budd!
by ODC March 01, 2004
To hit "end" in the middle of a conversation on a cell phone and later blame it on no service area.
Becky would not stop talking about her ex boyfriend, so I chucked her after twenty minutes of whining.
by Tfox December 12, 2010
The most gangsta shoe ever made. Only real G's like Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eazy E, Ice Cube, etc; wear them.
Person 1: Damn that nigga is lookin clean as fuck with his all white chucks, white tee, and dickies.
Person 2: Yea I wish I can be a G like that one day
by ogdamastakilla February 13, 2008
This is a codeword to say that you underwear is on show usually lower body.

The Upper body version of this is a marvin
Girl one:* dancing*
Girl two: you have a chuck sort it out!
by mmmmmmmmmorning January 01, 2011
An amazing shoe brand. Anyone can wear them, it doesn't matter. People who call other people posers for wearing them are just ignorant.
But one thing I absolutely hate is when black people (no offense!!!) go apeshit on someone who accidentally steps on their "fresh" chucks. But that's just me. I personally like mine worn out and beat up. They're just better that way. lol.
Random Kid: *Steps on someone's chucks by accident*
Another Random Kid: "Calm the fuck down.. They're chucks, who fucking cares? They're meant to get dirty.."

Again, no offense. lol.
by tm329 November 19, 2007
A name given to all ghost face killas who have mad sex with ladayz on the South Shore of MA
C-Huck just killed my girlfriend with his boner
by Phoenix McKenzie November 25, 2004
Noun. Slang word for a pair of shoes esp. a very nice pair. Can be used interchangeably with the word kicks. The term came from the Chuck Taylor canvas top sneaker which has become iconic since it was first marketed in the seventies.
"...I try to put on the chucks of the other man peace to my brother-man..."-Lyrics from HED(pe) the self-titled album.
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008

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