A pretty sick pair of shoes. Chucks comes from the maker Chuck Taylor. Pretty sturdy and can be worn for about a good year if worn daily. Comes in many colors and designs (stars, drawings, plaid, etc). Personally, if wanting to draw on the rubber, get a pair with white rubber. Black never comes out good unless you have a silver sharpie or whiteout.
I own a pair of plaid chucks which are pretty sick
by names are stupid anyways February 01, 2007
To text another person who is in the same room in a covert manner in order to keep the conversation both silent and private.
I chucked you rather than speaking out loud so that Holly wouldn't know about the fabulous plans we made without her.
by LibraryBlondie April 22, 2011
(v.) Used to replace "throw away" or "throw it here".
"Chuck it in the wastecan."
by OhSnaaapCharrr January 19, 2010
To throw up violently.
My asshole ex-husband's name is Chuck; his mama sure named him right, 'cause when I see him all I wanna do is chuck my lunch.
by Hasuko January 14, 2012
A legend, A hero, A local Folk-lore
That guy Reminds me of The Chuck!
by Skippydedoda January 12, 2011
The yellow bird from angry birds.
Chuck speeds up and 3-stars the unsuspecting pig village.
by SNdsfdsfer May 21, 2016
Chuck is the type of guy you date in middle school. He's the type of guy who when introduced into any sort of danger will go into a fetal position.
Person: have you ever dated Chuck?
Me: No he's a real wimp
by Alexander Anonymous June 28, 2016
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