As a sarcastic sympathetic word. Formed from chuckser chucksy chunky duckling
Say someone drops a glass and smashes you would say " OOHH chucks"
by Donlothario October 25, 2007
Chucks are a shoe made popular during the 90's made popular on the west coast because of appeal to gangs because of the colors. They were worn by tupac, and still are worn by ice cube, snoop dogg, dr. dre and the game. These are OG status, so fuck off punk fags.
Look at the OG rockin the chucks
by OG VA January 19, 2006
old school style chuck taylor shoes which used to be cool but now are trendy and owned by nike.
look, it's an entire high school wearing sad.
by Teh Whore September 09, 2003
1. to throw small humans or animals a short distance, usually by a woodchuck:
2. Informal . to resign from hell; relinquish passport; give up drinking:
3. Slang . to vomit from a moving car; upchuck a tire. –noun
4. British Slang . stop it; shut the fuck up.
Origin: 1575–85; orig. uncert. probably a result of Henry's 2nd wife - before he chucked her head
She chucked him from the bed. Too small.
by tahlequah August 14, 2010
throw away

Synonyms: abandon, cant, cast, desert, discard, ditch, eject, fire, fling, flip, forsake, heave, hurl,
Janine needs to chuck Chuck because she can do better.
by Mishmosh May 25, 2006
Chucks are shoes made by Converse made of canvas and rubber, come in many different colors, but the classics are red black and blue. there are high and low tops, but the highs are the best, lo's are juss gay.

Some of u ppl are fuckin pathetic!! Ur juss as gay as you think the preps are for sayin "chucks are gay now b/c everyone likes them and im to rebellious to like them anymore". Ur bein more of sheep than they are, b/c if there sheep by listenin to other ppl and followin wat others do and not listenin to urself, thass wats ur doin by not wearin them juss b/c of someone else, not b/c u dont want to. and chucks can be worn by everyone, preps goths punks, b-boys, i even know a full native american kid that goes to my school and thass all he wears.
I'm sorta preppy, sorta punk. that is possible but i bet some "punk" will come in hailin simple plan sayin that im all preppy but watever. everyone wears up, but bein punk or rebellious isnt about doin opposite of everyone else, its expressing urself and not carin wat the fuck anyone else thinks, like me.
I have three pairs of chucks. The classic Black, Red, and Blue.
by Ranger Rimjob February 22, 2006
My hella hyphy shoes I had before anyone else did at my school. Cool only when actual cool people wear them.
Alyssa: OMG, carrie!!!! Look at my new pink chucks! Aren't they so kewl?!?!1111
Me: Shut up you little whore. Go whore up something that's not cool.
Alyssa: Omg, why are you such a bitch?!?!11111
Me: Why are you such a dumbass whore?
by funkfunk April 12, 2006

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