A derogative term for eastern Europeans and Russians.

Derives from last names usually ending in : chek, chik, czek, ček, chyk, chuk, czuk
Guy 1- Do crack heads rob the bank owned houses?

Guy 2- Nope, to sophisticated. The chucks do. They are always doing something sneaky. You can't trust them.
by sk8rdiey March 14, 2010
High-top canvas Converse All-Star basketball shoe, bearing the signature of Chuck Taylor.
Dude went retro with a pair of white chucks.
by Anastassiou April 14, 2005
Chucks are shoes put out by Converse. the complete name for them is 'Chuck Taylors'. I've also heard them reffered to as 'Connies', but this sounds lame (in my opinion).

People have already listed a whole lot of steroetpyes that wear chucks (really anyone can wear them, they look great and have a really simple design) but no one has mentioned the B-Boys of the late 70s through to the 80s.
While everyone know Adidas Superstars are strongly embedded in this period of history, Chucks are often overlooked.

I've seen images of B-Boy rocking chucks with the tongues out (postitioned outside of their jeans) and with FAT laces.

Just thought everyone should know. When i think of Chucks, i think of B-Boys and the Ramones.
"Oh wow, man. Look! Lil' Johnny just pulled off some made breakin' in his fresh new Chucks!"
"Fuck... Those laces are FATT."
by S.Martini September 15, 2005
1) Pretty much the best clarinet player in the whole world. This status may or may not have been achieved by hours and hours of sitting alone in the corner of a dark room practicing.

2) Somebody who thinks they're black despite the fact that they're actually from India, and therefore are no blacker than Stephen Chow.

3) Someone with the ability to grow an afro on their chin as well as their head, usually within the span of only a few days.

4) Anybody who thinks that they're the most awesome person ever to walk the earth, and that all the ladies want them.
1) "Wow, I wish I were more like Chuck! He's pretty much the best clarinet player in the whole entire world!" *shoulder grope*

2) "Jesus, Chuck, stop telling me how black people high-five each other! You AREN'T really black!"

3) "Have you touched Chuck's chin-fro lately?" "Yeah. That shit's fuzzy."

4) "Dude, your drawing of a frog is terrible. Stop being such a Chuck and telling all those women how great it is."
by RAGNAAAAAAR! June 18, 2010
Chucks is actually short for chuck taylors. The first converse chuck taylor was created in 1923 when chuck taylor and converse teamed up to create a new and innovative basketball shoe ( why anyone would want to play b-ball in these is beyond comperhension) I actually own many pairs of chucks I think my collection is up to about 19, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!!!
I rock chucks better than anyone!!
by the_chuck_queen June 22, 2004
The best Tv-show in the world. It's hilarious, has awesome fight scenes and the best cast ever hired!!

Chuck <3 >>>>> God
Guy 1: I broke my neck the other week and had to stay in hospital.

Guy 2: So you missed Chuck on monday night?!!!?!?

Guy 1: Hell no, i got the nurse to bring me a TV!

Chuck Norris: Hey Chuck? hows it going...please dont hurt me...

Chuck Bartowski: Don't worry mate, I wont flash on you. Unless you touch Sarah then your ass is mine!
by Mr.Chucklez January 25, 2011
the action of throwing something with great speed and power, usually at someone or something disliked.
1. Hockey viewer: Tim, I swear I'm going to chuck this if gretzky loses.
by mechael April 20, 2009
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