an affectionate way of calling a girl friend a bitch
me and my chuci are stuntin tonight,

chuc's night out!
by Christina Aniston January 31, 2004
the keypresses which spell "bitch" when using Rapid Text Entry on your cell phone, but RTE does not allow "swear-words" so you end up with "chuci"
(sent as a text message) "86 the club, we rnt on the list& the guestlist grl is a door-chuci"
by brooklyn516 August 17, 2004
pronounced "choo chee", when the word 'bitch' is not in your phones history and you try to spell it with t9, the outcome is often 'chuci.' Also a way to call a woman a bitch without her knowing.
1. Man, this party is such a sausage fest tonight. Yeah! lets get some Chuci's

2. Stop being a chuci.
by gullyhead January 03, 2010
Literally a small pussy. Wussy or pussy, wimp.
Steve still sleeps with his night light on. He is such a fucking chuci!!
by jackooosss November 26, 2009
Pronounced: Chew-see
1. A derogatory name used as an insult (especially towards one who is not cooperative.)
2. A common T9 correction for the word Bitch
3. see Chuc-beeg
Don't call me that, you little chuci!
C'mon let's play the blouse you chuci.
by Chuck-beeg October 29, 2012

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