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A term used to describe something that is, especially, tasty, and abundant in something.

One example of something succulent would be an orange, or other similar fruits. Another example is chicken.
See breasts & vagina for further info.
by Dave February 13, 2004
The critic of having received an amazing blowjob. Not an average everyday blowjob, only the finest can receive a succulent rating.
Bro 1: How was that girl you hooked up with? Get some head?
Bro 2: Best head ever! It was succulent bro!
Bro 1: High five!
by David The Bro March 10, 2014
Tender, juicy or engorged. Ripe with fluid that causes one to salivate.
Franklin: "Hey, Jamike, did you see how succulent Cordelia's breasts looked today at bingo?"
Jamike: "Yes Franklin, I did. In fact, I would likely crawl across a football field of broken glass just to hear her piss in a tin can over a field phone."
Franklin: "Word."
Jamike: "And frankly, with breasts that are as perky as a tube sock full of puke, I have to believe her sphincter is equally as pursed and swollen."
Franklin: "I would be shocked to hear anything different. I would undoubtedly consume a mile of her feces just to see where it came from!"
Franklin and Jamike giggled to themselves at the comical imagery while they furiously wailed away on their succulent little wart covered toadstools until they liberated the sweet sweet nectar.
by Dwayne Jefferson July 31, 2014
hitomi's favorite word in which she drives her friends at school and her boyfriend ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!Can be used for any adjective.
Ah this is so succulent. I cant believe my anal sack has exploded!
by iNsaNeucHiha February 25, 2005
succulent as if if to see say this weed is succulent bruv
dave: is it nice bruv
james: yh man is succulent bruv
by donaldo April 26, 2007
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