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commonly used when wanting to say "you"
whats a matta wit choo
by anonymous March 28, 2004
Baby talk for "you." For lazy lisping people who can't seem to get the word "you." Or Gangstas. Or Miss Apple Bottoms.
Hey, what choo doin'? I love choo. Choo are the best thing that ever happened to me.
by Lindsey Reynolds December 10, 2003
A group of few fun loving individuals in Dhaka city formed a group called the "Choos". After a crazy night of partying they realized they are such chutias (being fools). Since the night they became lifelong friends. The pure fun loving nature of the choos attracted many to join the group. The choos are great foodies and their dirty conversations has no limits. The leader is known as the "Goda Choo", Goda meaning the leader of the herd. Now the Choos are spread over Bangladesh, UK, Laos and Sweden. They frequently meet to continue the legacy of the cult. New choos can only join after strict coronation ceremony held in the presence of at least three original choos.
Girl: Omg!! I have no clue how these people party every day??
Guy: Do you think they are "THE Choos"??
by Choo Observer November 13, 2011
A Canadian west coast aboriginal word used for both hello and goodbye like the Italian word ciao.
Kim: "I'm heading out now."
Joel: "Alright, choo."
by Chumus May 12, 2007
a person blamed for evey thing but never did a thang yet all ways A round to get blamed.....choo
Look what choo did
choo did it first
by treyrage September 05, 2009
The act of forcefully poking somebody in the stomach with your finger. While doing this, you say the word "choo" in a high-pitched voice, meant to signify a laser hitting the victim's stomach.
Person 1: *poke* CHOO!

Person 2: Ow, what the fuck! That's so annoying. That's going to hurt tomorrow and cause physical flashbacks.

by keef_richards November 11, 2006
Choo is a recent slang word meaning hot,sexy,fire.if you like a girl you should whistle and say girl you too Choo and she'll know you like her
'Woah girl you're choo'
'Shes so choo'
by Supermario2468 July 12, 2014