Top Definition
Online slang/leet speak for Girl.
Dude 1: Hey man, RoxStar34 is a cool chick.
Dude 2: Umm dude, you that RoxStar34 isn't a grl.
Dude 1: ......Aw crap.
by Ziad April 11, 2006
Used directly at a person when they laugh instantly after they say a joke. As if to fill an awkward silence.
Guy 1: How about that blue man group?
Guy 1: LOL
Guy 2: GRL
by azz13 August 09, 2007
To laugh at your own joke, even after no one else has.
Miyke: u look like sumthin that came out of my toilet!
Miyke: LOL
Random person: Zomg u GRL'd.
by chinkyy August 09, 2007
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