Used to describe or name someone who is slightly on the overweight side of the scale.
1. Urgh. Thanks for nothing! I can't believe you set me up on a blind date with Chubs from accounting!

2. Is it just me or do I look a little on the chubs side when I wear my Rock&Republic jeans?

3. Why does that chubs guy from phys. ed. keep stealing my sneakers?
by Syph Stevens January 24, 2007
Casey Holds Unlimited Booze. Casey being any girl who can party as well as the wildest guy you know but looks amazingly beautiful and graceful while doing it.
I'm going to try to sex up that C.H.U.B. girl by the end of the night.
by a friend January 19, 2005
a state of excitement.
1) Hitting Play, he told her, "This'll totally give you the chubs; check it out."

2) Todd planted the spoon into the Pink Berry with a loud, startling sigh. He let the cup fall to the table, and his shoulders dropped. Tina looked at him confused and concerned. His eyes never leaving the sweet desert, "Fucking chubs...."

3) "Yeah, it cost way too much, but look at the fucking chubs on grandma," Ricky said, handing the picture of the log ride to Peg.
by thefirstdandelione July 03, 2013
Chubs is when you have a slightly erect penis.
Hey buddy, I have chubs for you.
by Chicken with Human Arms November 25, 2009
slightly podgy, fits a size eight but has overhang.
'mollys fat'
' i swear she's a size eight'
'yeah she is, but she's still fat'
'no she's chubs babe'
by la'mole December 14, 2009
A big ass teddy bear who is kind of perverted and eats what ever is in it's way. It seems kind and cuddly, but it's very fun to beat up. It goes to a SPED school because it needs help in life. It thinks it's pretty bad ass. When no, it's not bad ass. Chubs is "life" as noted by a few.
Boy: Hey, Chubs ate my chicken tenders AND my macaroni salad!
Girl: WOW! It just ate me in general!
Boy: Wow, what a pervert!
Girl: No, no. Not in that way. It ate my leg! You're just as perverted as it is!
by chubbytyty December 02, 2009
fat, or nickname
Usually givin to a person of the name "Josh".
Nickname givin to overweight people.
Derogatory term to some people
"Wow, Chubs keeps asking me how to turn on a computer"
by Wall-Sac November 30, 2009
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