A fat gay guy riding a motorcycle.
Also called the fat arround your tummy.
I'm gonna grab you chubs!
Don't poke my chubs
by The wisdom of the chubs September 24, 2009
a rare condition thats stands for children have unhealthy backs syndrome
steph: i have somthing to telll you
ash:whats wrong
steph: i have....chubs
ash:pope in the bathroom!
by listen to the lemon June 16, 2009
Fat; chunky.
Damn that girl is so chubs!
by Erica Eins February 19, 2009
Short for Chubs Peterson

Is it all in the hips?
by LarstaiT November 04, 2003
A reaction to unexpected bad news.
Teacher: "Guess what class? Hope you studied over the weekend...POP QUIZ!!"

Class: What the CHUB!!
by T-money AKA DJ TJ November 02, 2013
A penis that is wider than it's length.
Michael: HAHA, you've got such a chub.
Gary: :( I do not, shut up!
by carnationx May 29, 2012
The best brother in the entire world named kyle. He is an interesting creature in his natural habitat and will pounce like a cheetle if provoked. He is loving and caring beast who spreads joy to the world with his chub like view.
"WOW! Hes sucha boss!"
"I know he's so CHUBS!"
by shlow November 21, 2011
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