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Fatty tissue which one has from childhood, but will outgrow upon reaching physical maturity.
I'm glad you grew out of your baby fat, now you're a stone fox.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
A term used as an excuse, or to mitigate teenagers and pre-teenagers as the cause of being a fatass, usually associated with denial.
Grandmother to mother:

"you don't you worrie about little Cindy...Cindy will slim down in the next few years. It's baby fat!
by Cliffie-poo February 12, 2006
the amount of weight added when pregnant (this includes the weight of the baby)
person 1: wow did you see that fat chick over there
person 2: you dick, she's pregnant
person 1: so what? she's baby fat, what's the difference?
by thejokester001 October 20, 2013
For an older gentleman: baby fat
(refers to all the teen hotties) they are still carrying their baby fat.
The cheerleading squad was loaded with baby fat.
by scott zimmerman February 21, 2007
substance know as seamen excreted from the penis whilst geting it on.
That bitch took my baby fat in her mouth
by sidders May 01, 2003
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