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very and then some.
ooh its telling me i need more letters so i'll just keep on typing.so...how are u? me?yeh im gd thanks. (thats enough methinks)
"i am without a shadow of doubtosity vair VAIR amusant"
by karis November 02, 2004
much like groovy, grooby is often used followed by the word bavy, in an exclamation of glee and delight.
"oh my god!ur karis?GROOBY BAVY!!"
by karis November 02, 2004
people who laugh. a lot.
"we laughed like loons on loon tablets, i.e. A LOT"
by karis November 01, 2004
1.as a suffix, -nosity is similar to -ness, and is generally used to describe something.
2.nosity can also be used to generalise about something (e.g. a person's situation) much in the same way as words like "malarkey" or "fiasco" are.
3.also similar to nub ( as in, the nub and gist), nosity can mean the point.
1."hehe get me and my infinite humournosity"
2."yeh, remember lily and her nosity about shoes?"
3."the general nosity was that she was a smelly poo"
by karis November 01, 2004
meaning to be close to, i.e. it is the vocal form of the hand gesture when someone crosses their fingers to mean "me and her, we're like *this*". can be abbreviated to just "boards".
"me and jez are boards on a board rack, i tell u"
by karis November 01, 2004
a big fat book full of alphabetically-arranged words, and their meanings. yes, it is in fact much like a dictionary.
"ooh here i am on urban dicker"
by karis November 02, 2004
originally from the word "chum", chub means friend, pal, mate, comrade, etc.
"aw chub, you're my numero uno tip top pal of all time"
by karis November 02, 2004
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