1. A tree people decorate around Christmas time.

2.Christmas tree is a song by Lady GaGa, and it is referring to her vagina.

Lady GaGa's Vag.
"The only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree."

"oh oh oh Christmas,my Christmas tree is delicious"

-Lady GaGa
Verb. A practical joke which consists of pressing all the elevator buttons as you get off said elevator. This prank works best when the elevator car is loaded with people, and also if the building you're in has at least 8 floors.
me: I just pissed off Scott.
Nathan: how?
me: I Christmas Tree'd him a minute ago.
Nathan: haha nice.
by Dragomir Andreyevich September 11, 2007
What I say to my dealer when I want some Jack Herrera herbage man.
Hey JJ I need some Christmas trees on the fly.
by Kiwi April 26, 2004
an adjective describing something that has stretched out near the bottom but has not stretched out on the top; usually describes a piece of clothing
This shirt doesn't fit anymore; after washing it so much it has christmas-treed.
by rubduck33 December 11, 2011
When a girl is standing up and the guy gets on her shoulders and she starts giving him a blow job, and the guys arms are raised and his hands are in the shape of a diamond (representing the star on top of the christmas tree)
dude i totally got christmas treed last night.
by coheed92 October 16, 2010
When a fat woman's inner thighs rub together causing the loose fitting shorts to ride up into her crotch.

The result is a shape of a christmas tree. High up top, tapering down and out.

The typical reaction is to point it out to your friends and start singing a custom version of the holiday classic, Oh, Christmas Tree, so only the people you are with can hear it.
Check out that fat chick in front of us.... Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree A big hairy star sits on to of thee.
by Boozie B. August 27, 2009
the rare condition, when a teenage male smells identical, to a teenage female every single day regardless of his deodorant, body spray, cologne or lack there of.

Treatment for this condition is very harsh
Day 1
Ben: check out this new deodorant i got
Chelsea: nice! it smells like a christmas tree
Day 2
Ben: ah i just had gym, put on some new deodorant
Chelsea: mm! smells like a christmas tree
Day 3
Ben: (sits down next to chelsea)
Chelsea: Christmas tree!
Day 4
Chelsea: (to random individual) Christmas tree!
Person: Who the hell are you talking to?
Chelsea: sorry, i smelled a christmas tree
Day 5
Chelsea: (in hospital) gah... chri--stm--astree

by wakeboarddlife January 10, 2009

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