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Originated circa early May, 2006 by one lone idiot from Concord, NH while down in Boston for the Red Sox game.

Despite the common stereotype that those living in New Hampshire, or "the south of the North", are NASCAR fans and rednecks, it has been brought to our attention that New Hampshire residents like to be referred to as tree people, meaning that they are people who find their dwellings in trees.
Girl: "So where are you from?"
Idiot: "New Hampshire"
Girl: "Oh, aren't you all NASCAR fans and rednecks?"
Idiot: "Actually, we like to be referred to as TREE PEOPLE!"
by Masters May 08, 2006
A member of a large group of social outcasts whom identify with the lowest common denominator of counter culture movements. Members of this group regularly shop at Hot Topic clothing stores. A typical tree person can be identified by baggy jnco jeans or black pants that fit two or more people and display reflective straps. The most common haircut is the shave-under w/ponytail, although self-cut hair that is dyed poorly in many random colors is also accepted. T-shirts range from Slipknot, Disturbed, and Korn to Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, and the always clever "Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me..." styles. Other identifying marks can be eyebrow rings, bad tattoos, pizza-face crater acne, and a poorly put together appearance. They are loosely affiliated with other subcultures ie: punk, goth, metal etc. but are never truly accepted in these circles.
The bastard stepchildren of punk, metal, new wave etc.

"Nice trenchcoat and Disturbed t-shirt kid, what a tree person."
by ReAnimator December 07, 2006
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