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21 definitions by DeeJay

mid-grade weed
fuk dat reggie, we smokin dat mid
by deejay January 15, 2004
352 76
smoking, usually weed
we burning tonight or what
by deejay January 15, 2004
328 130
drugs i.e. cocaine or weed
hay man da product jus came in today, lets go scoop it up.
by deejay January 15, 2004
77 33
Term used to describe a Yuengling lager beer at a bar, more commonly used in the East Coast region (mainly in the Atlantic area of Philly, NJ, DE).

Although lager is a style of beer, saying 'lager' will produce a Yuengling Lager beer.
I'll take 2 shots of Yager, a rum and coke, and oh, 2 bottles of Lager.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
55 26
For some a relief from the real world just to relieve some of the pain their feeling or suicidal attempt.
Those sick bastards tried to send me away for cutting myself!!
by Deejay March 20, 2005
136 119
a dime bag of weed from da dopeboi
waddup boi, lemme getta 10 spot
by deejay March 08, 2005
25 9
Term used for marijuana after thanksgiving and before easter.
After I got my christmas trees, I rolled a Philly that could'a got the entire neighborhood high!
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
21 6