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Chop (or spin) is a mixture of tobacco and weed, smoked through a pipe or bong.

Known for its horrible taste and rediculous rush. It's also damn addictive. Hence why only a few smoke chop, but the ones who do tend to smoke it exclusively.

Term used mostly around New Zealand, possibly other parts of the world.
Chop? It's rediculous. Smoke a cone in one, it feels like shooting weed into your veins (if that were possible).

But you then notice yourself wanting one two minutes later.. then another.. then another.
by ACDC55 September 30, 2010
59 45
At any given time, good bad awkward, the word chops can be used to fill an awkward silence, instill confidence in a person, confuse the other person, used as a greeting or to describe something undescribable. When people ask you what chops is you simply say, "Whatever you want it to be, bro."

Note: Chops should not be confused with pork chops.
Chops Bro!
by Angsty Chops November 04, 2010
26 17
A mouth trap. Summer Teeth. The chops are golden in color resembling corn on the cob with thick butter. They are tiny like cute little yellow chiclets.

Pleeeeease do us all a favor and don't smile. Your chops are killin us.

Thanks in advance.
by NascarFan4lifegetitright September 14, 2010
58 49
1) v. To straighten your hand and strike something with it.

2) v. To take a blade and cut something with it by lifting it at medium length and striking down

3) v. The act of rapping at fast speeds/flows.
1) Damn! That karate chop was ruthless as fuck!

2) Keep fucking with me, and i'll chop you up!

3) Damn! Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, K-Dean, Krayzie Bone, D-Loc and Dalima, and Twizta are some motherfucking midwest choppers! They can chop the fuck out of any song.
by Gatflowguru December 30, 2009
16 8
A mixture of marijuana and tobbaco that you ingest by smoking.
Dude, you guys wanna smoke some chop?
by Tyler Rulli February 09, 2009
22 14
Ability to play a musical instrument. From the slang term "chops" for jaw, it originally referred to singers and perhaps wind instrumentalists. It eventually grew to include any type of instrument, though it is mostly used for instruments in more popular styles. (That is, you're more likely to hear about Eddie van Halen's chops than Yo-Yo Ma's.)
I love listening to Jeff Beck. That guy has some serious chops.
by ChemicalCastration August 05, 2011
13 7
Vicodin, or pretty much any kind of pain killer.

Being "chopped" is the effect. A post-chop tear-down is eating a chop right after smoking some pot. They go hand in hand.
"Hey bro, hook it up with some free chops!" or "I'm fuckin' chopped up" or "Heinz, Hook it up with a chop!"

by Chop Master November 01, 2007
101 95