Used in Montreal meaning to sell. Originally meaning just to deal drugs, chop just means to sell anything now.
1. "Troy's got stacks"

"Yeah, he's choppin' bricks"

2. "The Jordans I got were too big, but I can probably just chop 'em to somebody so it's all good."
by YaaBoyy June 17, 2009
Chop (or spin) is a mixture of tobacco and weed, smoked through a pipe or bong.

Known for its horrible taste and rediculous rush. It's also damn addictive. Hence why only a few smoke chop, but the ones who do tend to smoke it exclusively.

Term used mostly around New Zealand, possibly other parts of the world.
Chop? It's rediculous. Smoke a cone in one, it feels like shooting weed into your veins (if that were possible).

But you then notice yourself wanting one two minutes later.. then another.. then another.
by ACDC55 September 30, 2010
To remove parts from a stolen vehicle and sell them for profit.
You're lucky she wasn't chopped, Mr. Lebowski.
by Philip Gibbons August 30, 2004
A term used to describe a guitarist's extreme technical ability.
Paul Gilbert has great chops.
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
A handy punching area of one's face, sometimes referred to as the cheeks
"Hey Billy, You're going the right way for a slap round the chops"
by TMB June 17, 2003
A mixture of marijuana and tobbaco that you ingest by smoking.
Dude, you guys wanna smoke some chop?
by Tyler Rulli February 09, 2009
A trumpet player's embouchure.
"Al Hirt has industrial strength chops."
by John February 04, 2004

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