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A person - usually male - who partakes in physical bonding by such means as cuddling, touching or mock-wrestling. Such actions are jocular and often done in high spirits, such as after a few drinks or in the sports changing rooms.
"That Tim is a real choomer - he keeps cuddling me.
by choomermark May 29, 2009
A choomer is, arguably, 'someone who behaves in a certain way with a friend(s), confident that the recipient(s) of any chooming act feels no animosity to the choomer for endulging in the act of chooming'. For example, 'cuddling', 'scrumming down' and talking about Carry On films fall within the terms of the definition. Clearly a choomer, propositioning a fellow choomer for the purposes of sexual gratification, would fall outside of the boundary of this definition.
Tim jumped on Richards back, and Richard says "stop being such a choomer"
by Tugger Tim June 02, 2009
A person who is involved with the act of chooming. A child-man who remains in an adolescent state where physical touching is neither adult nor child. Choomers rely on masculine physical touching (pawing) to demonstrate their feelings. This physical touching becomes their distinctive display of self.

In purely Freudian terms, a choomer is an undeveloped adolescent whose 'pleasure principle' (id) overrides both his ego and superego: his reality and moral imperatives take second lace to his child-like wish fulfilment.
Tom is so childish, he is such a choomer: he cannot stop pawing me
by VictorianMan1 September 12, 2009

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