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When something is very cute, adorable, sad, loving, sweet, kind and thoughtful.
The young man helped the old woman across the street that was so Choochie.
by SlimShugga November 06, 2012
6 3
an endearing name for your girlfriend
I love you choochie
by arts March 24, 2010
34 13
Noun. A vulgar term used for a womans vagina.
Sam:Yeah, Jane sho is a fine peice, did you hit dat?
John:Oh fo sho! I rolled around in that choochie all night!
by Manicmati November 03, 2005
28 31
A chubby hoochie. Generally can be found in establishments with large quantaties of cheap food.
Look! There are some busted ass choochies!
by shitinmymouth April 19, 2008
12 25
The appropriate name to be given to a person acting like a chooch
Hey Choochie, quit fagging around around!
by Sparky D June 08, 2005
16 35