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When something is very cute, adorable, sad, loving, sweet, kind and thoughtful.
The young man helped the old woman across the street that was so Choochie.
by SlimShugga November 06, 2012
When you have the nerve to get hurt feelings because somebody called you out on something you did wrong.
I became extremely defensitive when she wanted to discuss why I lied to her.
by SlimShugga February 16, 2014
That one girl in the group of girls (which there are usually 3 popular ones) that is right on the cusp of being cool, but she's not yet she is constantly thinking she is and doing everything the other girls do to fit in. When she is not around the other girls dis on her.
Man look at Fourth Girl over there wearing that crazy get up trying to be cool.
by SlimShugga November 06, 2012
A very annoying person who is always looming around looking over your shoulder wanting to be noticed. Someone who won't go away.
Everyday at my cubie at work the Loominator stands up and stares over his cube to mine until I notice him.
by SlimShugga November 06, 2012

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