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I don't know , I don't have a damn clue
guy 1: that chick is fine, yadidamean
guy 2: Shaboopalaboopy
by Chrisd May 16, 2006
it is a "word" or term literally used to make one's rap rhyme better or to fill in some spaces. it originates from bay area rap and the hyphy movement
- yaddida...what it dookie, shaboopalaboopy now lil momma got booty

- shaboopalaboopy. what that mean? I don't know but you bootsy
by DJ R.B. January 13, 2007
It means what ever you want it to mean.

It comes from a hyphy song by Mistah fab.
"Shaboopalaboopy, I don't know you're stupid"
by bayareacali March 17, 2009