a womans pussy or vagina
i dont think i wanna go near her chooch
by justin March 15, 2005
Anybody that looks like a little indio (indian).
Ever wonder where the word chucha comes from?
It's a spanish curse word meaning pussy or vagina.
Usually used in the phrase "Chucha Tu Madre"
It comes from South America, it's a spanish word that's often used by Hondurians Ecuadorians ect.
So if you see a little mexican or ecuadorian walkin around there little chuchas or Chooches.
Hey what nationality are you?

Im Puerto rican and Ecuadorian.

Ewwww your part chooch!!!
by TheBadGuy February 21, 2006
one who tries to get away without paying or is always a few dollars short. Someone who gets off cheap.
That fucking chooch didn't leave a tip!
by e lofter September 23, 2003

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